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#5 The Intense Impact of the Abstract Emotional Wave – The Stream of Feeling & Navigating Disappointment with Allyson Forseth

In this episode I’m joined by Allyson, a 5/1 emotional split definition Projector to talk all things Stream of Feeling and the abstract/collective emotional wave. We discuss how differently this wave shows up in our lives based on our definition. Allyson, with the root to solar plexus channel and the hanging 35, shares how visceral she feels her authority and how she needs time to process, and the pressure to build, before being able to express. I share how sometimes my emotions come out of my mouth before I am fully aware of it, with the manifested solar plexus to throat channel and the hanging 41. We discuss the polarity in the high and the low of the wave, the nervousness in the peak as you await the experience of “bottoming out” and hitting the low. We share how we deal with feeling stuck, heavy and almost unrecognisable at the low of the wave. We talk about the shame of being emotional, or not emotional. We also share the humour in what it means to be human and how laughter lessens the blow of the incredible polarity in the experience of this wave. Finally, Allyson shares her advice for living and loving the abstract emotional wave. 

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Allyson found Human Design in 2018, on the brink of some big life changes. Throughout the following four years, Allyson began her Human Design experiment, studied voraciously (in true 1st line Investigator fashion), completed an advanced training program, began offering 1:1 Human Design sessions, opened an Etsy store, and started her business. Allyson is a 5/1 Emotional Projector. Allyson is passionate about engaging, accessible, and differentiated learning opportunities. She is skilled in creating comprehensibility for learners and believes deeply in the power of learning in community.

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Human Design resources available on Etsy – to book a 1:1 session

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(02:21) Allyson shares how she first discovered Human Design and how she first felt very overwhelmed by the system.

(03:15) “Speaking Human Design” and how important choosing the correct vocabulary can be.

(05:48) Emotional definition and the time it takes to process and implement into your life. And how “just sleep on it” was not helpful advice for her. 

(06:49) Emotional stigma, wanting to respond in the moment and not being able to be emotional.

(07:56) Accepting that being emotional isn’t “wrong” and experiencing the deeply impactful wave of the abstract/collective wave. Navigating the polarity between high and low, explaining the experience to the other.

(09:10) Allyson shares the differing experiences of the adrenalized root pressure with her split definition and Rachael shares the experience of a motor connection to the throat of each of the waves.  

(12:17) The slow build of the high and the crash in energy that feels so confusing. 

(12:50) Getting nervous in the high because you know the “bottoming out” is coming. 

(13:45) How the polarity of the high and low messes with your self trust and ability to recognize your hopes and dreams. 

(14:01) The difficulty in navigating the low of the abstract wave. 

(15:35) Learning to ride the wave, understanding expectation and disappointment.

(19:19) Releasing expectations of life and being in life for the adventure.

(20:34) Using humour to move through the disappointment.

(22:12) The solar plexus, nervousness and the mechanics of emotions. Separating the mechanical feelings and the stories in your head.  

(25:15) Gate 36, the gate of crisis and how it is a gift to share.  

(26:30) Having 3/4ths of the Stream of Feeling, channel 41-30 & hanging gate 35, and taking the time to process before sharing your emotional experiences. 

(28:28) Recognizing the correct timing to share and the 5/1 profile. 

(30:22) The manifested 36-35 channel and the uncontrollable urge to share emotional clarity and my life changing divorce story.

(33:00) Recognizing when words are too emotionally charged and you cannot trust the words that come out of your mouth. 

(35:16) Travelling, collecting stories and coming home feeling so different. The 5th line and open G centre combined with the channel of transitoriness.

(37:17) The emotional high, clarity of travelling and the low of returning home. 

(39:38) Finding new ways to experience change and newness during the pandemic.

(45:27) The courage to say yes or no at the 51% of clarity.

(47:30) The 5th line as an angry Manifestor as I experience emotional growth.

(48:58) Embracing being an intensely emotional being without shame.

(53:22) Advice for those with the stream of feeling and the abstract emotional wave. 

- Rachael Ami

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