The 1st Thing To Know, When You Discover Human Design

You’re BRAND NEW to Human Design?

Welcome. I’m so glad you’ve found your way to a system that can truly change your life. And all you have to do is be who you already know you are! Easy right? Well, no. Obviously not. Because if it was easy we all would have done it by now. 

Enter Human Design, the system that shines light on the what and why of how life doesn’t feel right, even though you’ve done all the “right” things. Then gives you a pathway back to your divine self. The one you were at birth. Even before that, at the time your soul chose your body to be the vessel for this life experience. The one you were before you were told who to be.

So, you don’t need to be super spiritual and woo woo. You don’t need to be mystical and intuitive for this system to impact you. Those of us who fell in deep with Human Design did so for the practical steps and practical application of deconditioning. If you’re into the woo that’s great too, but if you’re not there is still so much to learn here as long as you keep an open mind.

Human Design is an experiment in sovereignty. Empowering each and every human being on this planet to live in alignment with who they are, with the deep divine understanding that happy humans create thriving societies, teams and families. So enter into this experiment with the attitude that “serving myself allows me to serve others”, and extend that deep honor and respect to every other person in your life to do the same.

Human Design is an esoteric science that combines ancient and modern wisdoms. It gives you a format for how your energy moves through your body and how it interacts/impacts the world around you. 

The first time you run a chart it can be incredibly overwhelming. There’s lines and arrows, colourful shapes and numbers, squares, symbols, decimals points… The first time I ran my chart, I stared aimlessly at the graphic and all the numbers. Finally I clicked on my type, read that Manifestors are only 8% of the world’s population, decided I wasn’t special enough to be the 8% and closed the tab. It took me 6 months to come back to Human Design and I’m so glad I did!

Human Design gets to be very simple! 

It then creates a stacking system of information taking you deeper and deeper into your deconditioning journey, but only once you’ve mastered the foundation.

This foundation is your strategy and authority! Your strategy is how to best move through the world in a way that feels natural and effortless. Your authority tells you how to make decisions about how to move through the world.

Again, sounds simple. But these foundations can take a couple of years to truly experiment with. Even after 5+ years living my strategy and authority, I still sometimes forget and fall back into conditioned behaviours, only to watch whatever it is I engaged in crash and burn as I kick myself for knowing better.

We’re going to start with strategy. If you never learn anything else about your design this one piece will allow you to feel more at ease with your world and allow you to feel in control of your life! There are 5 energy types in the Human Design system and each comes with a unique strategy. These are unique because the definition (movement) of energies differ via type and thus need to move through the world differently.

The beauty of Human Design is it is a system created for everyone to work together. If everyone is truly in alignment with their design, we will experience clear democracy and connected communities. Enter into this experiment knowing that you living out your strategy allows others to live out theirs. This is a journey of empowering each other simply by being empowered to be yourself!

Generators + Manifesting Generators

Generators and MGs have a defined sacral center, giving you life force energy to move through the world. You are the majority making up a combined 70% of the world population. Often known as sacral beings, because the sacral center is at the center of all you do! The base energy of the sacral is to procreate and keep those tiny humans alive in order to continue the species. (If you have young children you know this takes a lot of energy!) 

So, sacral beings are creators! They are here to create, build and complete whatever it is that  lights you up! The sacral is fired up by pleasure and joy. As a Generator or MG you need to capitalize on whatever joys you can seek in each and every day in order to create more of this beautiful inspiring energy that lives within you. 

As you well know, joy in our current capitalistic system is often a privilege. It isn’t always possible to curate a life of total joy. I get it, we all have bills to pay and commitments to withhold. Look for micro-joys in your daily life as you begin your experiment. Focusing on the tiny pleasures of your life wherever they are available. This could be the first sniff of coffee in the morning, the sun through your windshield on your commute, hugging your kiddo when you get home from a long day, the way your dog snorts when he plays. Focus on these micro-joys, create time for them if you can!

Strategy: To Respond

You are here to be in a divine dance with life, responding to the things that show up in your environment. Generators and MGs have a magnetic aura attracting the things you need into your experience. This gives you the opportunity to respond.

Your response lives in that glorious defined sacral. It is the epitome of a gut feeling. In order to live your strategy, you need to really tune into this gut feeling or gut response that lives in your sacral center. This will show you what is in alignment for you with a yes or expansive feeling and that that is not in alignment for you with a no or contraction feeling. 

The sacral responds in a yes/no capacity, and for me/not for me way. So be sure to seek binary responses, not  long form guidance. The sacral responds in the moment only. Being in response is like putting one foot in front of the other with blinkers on, trusting and knowing that you will get to your destination!

From reading for many Generator clients you will probably fall into one of these categories: 

  • No connection to your gut response, always logic your way through decisions.
  • Hear/Know your gut response, but logic your way through it anyway.
  • Hear/Know your gut response and try to follow it where possible.

No matter where you fall on the spectrum the deepening of your sacral connection is imperative to living life in alignment. Give yourself permission to check in with your gut on all things big or small. Then listen and honor that response EVEN if it doesn’t seem logical.

To respond, you must be present and IN life everyday. You cannot respond to an idea, thought or question in your head. Your full strategy is to “wait to respond”. This isn’t to say that you won’t have incredible, world changing ideas, you will! But to respond means to hold that idea/thought and wait for something to show up in your environment to either confirm or redirect that idea via your gut response.

In practical application this looks like thinking “I really need a vacation” and waiting a while! Wait for something to respond to to show up in your life. This could come in so many forms, sniffing an exotic smell, seeing an image of a beach, a friend telling you they’ve just got back from Mexico, a song on the radio or your doctor telling you it’s time to give yourself some time off. 

The beauty of tuning into your sacral response is that you can be surprised and guided in the most magical and divine ways! So many opportunities, connections and adventures can show up in your life that you had never envisioned when you are living in response. Pay attention to that expansion in your sacral when a person, smell, image or speech shows up in your environment, and give yourself permission to follow it! Joy and adventure surely follow.

Tuning in to your sacral response can be a vulnerable thing to do. And it’s okay to acknowledge that. In a world where logic is kind and gut feelings/intuition is witchcraft it may not feel safe. For females, you may have been taught that your body does not belong to you, rather to the men in your life. You may have had experiences that do not allow you to feel safe in your physical body. Give yourself grace in experimenting with your gut and your sacral.

Start small. Build up to big decisions. Give yourself examples of how safe it is to trust your gut feeling in everyday life. Ask yourself questions that require a yes/no answer as you move through your day to play with these responses.

Do I want coffee? Do I want tea? Do I want salad? Do I turn right? Do I wear this shirt? Do I have a shower? Do I have a bath? Do I message this person?

The more intimately you know your response, the more wholly you can rely on and trust its power when you need it!

The difficulty for sacral beings is that you have most likely been conditioned to “go out there and get it”. Leading to lots of pushing and initiating rather than waiting for the Universe to bring people, opportunities and materials for you to respond to. Give yourself permission to slow down, check in with your gut and make decisions only in response NOT from thoughts/ideas from the logical mind.


Manifestors are 8-9% of the world population and the second rarest type. You have an undefined sacral center and a motor connection to the throat. You must have one of the other motors defined in your chart (heart, solar plexus and root) and they must connect via channels directly or indirectly to your throat. This motorized throat gives you the power of manifestation, of taking what is not yet in existence and bringing it into our 3D reality.

Manifestor, your voice is your power! You are here to make a huge impact. You are here to initiate change in the world around you. When in alignment you are the mic drop that everyone needs, even if they didn’t know it. You are powerful but without the life-force sacral energy in your chart you will experience huge waves of energy and long periods of rest.

You are here to do exactly what you want to be doing! You have a truly wild soul and are not here to be controlled or told what to do. Your powerful, autonomous and self-reliant energy lives behind a closed aura. This can feel cold and repelling to those around you as they cannot see into your energy. Your closed energy is here to protect your inconsistent energy and reserve your impact only for those who are ready for your message. Your people are yours! 

You were powerful from the minute you were born. But the combination of your autonomy, your innate power and your closed aura often leads to being misunderstood as a child. As such, you have probably been conditioned to play small, be quiet, wait and do what you’re told. The opposite of what your energy is here to do and it can take work to step back into and truly own your big beautiful power. 

Strategy: To Inform

You are here to initiate change on the collective scale. You are the pebble in the ocean, creating ripples and waves long after you have settled in the silt. Due to your closed, protective aura, people cannot see into your experience. You are a closed book.  The Manifestor strategy is to inform anyone who will be impacted by what you’re doing before you do it. 

This allows others to join the revolution you are certainly creating. It allows them to dive into the story of who you are and your vision of the world. But most important it allows other types to support and guide your initiations to completion. On the flip side it allows those who are not on board with supporting you to get out of your way and leave you alone to flow in your own gorgeous energy.

This means using your voice wherever you can. If you have a need, voice it. If you have an idea, voice it. If you need support, ask. If you want to disappear into the backwoods for 3 weeks, tell people who will miss you. And just as importantly if you want to be left alone, voice that too.

Experiment with informing more in all situations. Let people know what you’re up to, what you need, what you expect in a situation and how you want it to look. But remember that informing is not asking for permission! Do not end your informing with “is that okay?” or “what do you think?” Give yourself permission to state what’s going on behind your aura and stand powerfully in your decisions.

You may find it helpful to state your intentions before informing. For example, “I’m not looking for feedback, I just want to let you know…” or “I want to be alone therefore I am going…”

Informing also gives you the power to get what you want by finally using your voice. This can work wonders in groups when decisions are cluttered and laborious. Give yourself permission to state your wants and invite others if that’s something you’d like. Proudly say “I want to go to this restaurant, you’re welcome to come” or “I’m spending the day at the beach if you’re interested.” I bet you will watch people either come along or make their own decisions in half the time. Either way, you’ll free up your time to do just what you want!

As the collective’s initiators you also have a divine connection with the Universe. The Universe is also waiting to support you! Practice informing the Universe your wants and needs just as you experiment informing those around you. This looks like “Dear Universe, I desire 5 new dream clients this week”, “I want a great parking spot outside my favourite restaurant”, or “I need 3 hours a day of alone time”. I like to sign off these requests with “thanks, love youuu!” but that’s personal preference.

Long story short, give yourself permission to be big and powerful. Follow your own path without asking for others opinions and inform, inform and inform. Once you’re in the swing of informing and you think you’ve got it nailed, you can still probably informa little bit more!


Projectors are roughly 22% of the population and you are here to guide the other types as they initiate and respond to life. You have an undefined sacral center but no motor connection to the throat. You can have the heart, solar plexus or root defined in your chart but it cannot connect to the throat. 

You are here to deeply see, know and understand others. This divine wisdom makes you an incredible guide for the other types. Your aura is penetrating and can be felt as very intense by those around you. This is your power and allows you to get deep into another energy to help them clean house from the inside out. However, some people are not ready for the intensity of your aura and are not receptive to your divine guidance. As such, some people will be your people and other people will not be your people.

This is your auras’ natural way of protecting your energy. Projectors can be an energy Projector with one or more defined motors (but NOT the sacral), or a non-energy Projector with no defined motors. Meaning that Projector energy as a general rule is much lower than our sacral being sisters and moves through the world best at a lower pace. You will find you need a lot of good restorative rest daily to feel the most healthy and aligned.

Your inconsistent access to energy can manifest in many different ways. You might find that a daily nap feels the most supportive for you. If you have some motor definition you might find you work in strong bursts and then need a few days to recover and restore. Really pay attention to when your body asks for and needs rest and give yourself permission to make rest a priority throughout your daily existence.

Strategy: To wait for the invitation

You are so so wise Projector! You could probably solve the problems of everyone you know. But you must wait to be invited into other people’s auras. Otherwise your penetrating energy will feel uncomfortable, unasked for or ultimately fall flat. You may feel unseen, unheard and underappreciated when dropping incredible guidance to an audience who are just not interested! 

This is once again to protect your energy. When you are invited and recognized the other is waiting for your guidance and wisdom and they have every intention of creating the changes within themselves. This allows you to feel success and in the zone of your genius. When your wisdom is not invited, the other will disregard your guidance thus wasting your precious energy and probably leading you to feel pretty rubbish about yourself.

This is where it gets tricky. An invitation is probably not going to be printed on embossed card with gold leaf motifs and sealed with wax. The invitation is real life is very nuanced. Look out for places and people in your life who recognize your wisdom and value your input, these have at some point invited you into their spaces. Also note where you feel unheard, undervalued and like you have to constantly push for recognition, these are not your people and not your places. 

Give yourself permission to put more energy where you are already recognized and less energy where you feel underappreciated. Conserve your energy to give powerful guidance when people are ready for it.

To go a level deeper you do not need to wait for the invitation for every little thing you do in daily life. The invitation needs to come for big decisions like love partners, new jobs, cross country moves and new clients. But once you have been invited and recognized you then have free range to do, say and guide as you please until the invitation is retracted. However, it will probably fill you with the most ease to continue to follow the times when you are recognized and invited before issuing guidance and advice. This could be as simple as asking, “would you like to know what I’d do?” before stating your opinion to know whether it is a good use of your energy or not.

As a Projector you are here to be incredibly successful in whatever it is you choose to do and in order for you to embody this emotion, you must not be pushing to get your wisdom seen and understood. Live in the energy that what you know can and will change lives only when the receiving party is ready.

Like our sacral types, Projectors are often encouraged to “just do it!” instead of waiting and following patterns of recognition. Projectors are prone to burn out. Due to your lower natural energy levels and need for periodic rest, you have also been labelled as “lazy” in childhood. This “lazy wound” sees Projectors pushing themselves even further to prove that they are not lazy but only creating more and more resistance around what they are doing. Give yourself permission to rest. Being as powerful as you are is heavy work and you can only guide when you value your own physical and spiritual restoration. Rest is work for you Projector! Give yourself permission to schedule it in!


You are the 1% of the world. Reflectors have no definition in their charts, only hanging gates. You are here to reflect what is and isn’t working in the world through sampling all the energies you come across. You are open in all areas of your chart and so can absorb and magnify the energies of the people around you both on an intimate and a collective scale. In a not-so-glamorous way, you are the canary in the coal mine. Here to be the gauge of the holistic wellness of the environment you’re in.

Environment is everything to you! Because you are so open to the world around you give yourself ruthless permission to curate the people, places and things you allow into your space. Your aura has a sampling nature. Here to test out a little piece of all energies to see what is working for the community and for yourself. 

You are the mirror for the collective and have an innate sense of what is authentic and what is not. Allow yourself to play this role for others when it feels good. But again be ruthless in your boundaries and your need for alone time. You are naturally being conditioned by everyone around you and will need time to discharge all of these energies. This will allow your physical body to retain it’s auric integrity and also allow your mind to slow and relax.

Strategy: To wait a lunar cycle

If the other 4 types are solar beings with their own internal definitions, you as a Reflector are a lunar being. Your body experiences definition through the transits and the people you are with. The moon has the shortest cycle moving through each of the 64 gates once every 28 days. This gives you the most constant connection to definition as the planets move through your chart. 

Waiting a 28 day lunar cycle before making a decision allows you to feel through every gate and every aspect of your changing definition before deciding. You are really here to deeply feel your way through life. Give yourself permission to live more slowly, to make decisions more slowly and truly sit with questions, opportunities or ideas before making any moves.

This seems impossible for many decisions in life. Most things in our current society cannot wait 28 days but relax into the knowing that what is truly for you can and will wait because that is your unique path here. Studying your emotions, energy levels and experiences in relation to the transit of the moon over a few months will give you some guidance as to when you feel high or low, calm or anxious, energetic or tired to allow you to structure your life in a way that feels easy for you.

And when a decision cannot wait 28 days, give yourself permission to feel deeply into your experience and honor whatever you find.

Most importantly, ensure you are releasing any and all energy you pick up throughout the day. Be the steward of energy that feels good and the defender against energy that does not. Your experience is very uniquely yours and you get to decide what stays or goes. You are the mirror for those around you and in order to be of the highest service you first need to find clarity within yourself.

- Rachael Ami

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