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A 12 Week Program of Deep Self Discovery to Reclaim Your Purpose with Rachael Ami & Susan Beauregard

Question for

What if you could boldly reclaim your purpose and create a life where you feel powerfully in charge in the span of just 12 weeks?


Or, let me rephrase that…


What if, in just 3 months time, you could show up authentically everyday?

You were surrounded by friends and loved ones that see you, the real you, the one you’ve always known you are, but have been too scared to share with them!

Because you’ve reclaimed who you truly are. Because you will have the tools to reconnect with and understand your intuition, how you are uniquely wired to make decisions, so that you can put yourself powerfully at the center of your life.

If you want to step into your power, your purpose and finally feel in charge and in control of the direction you are taking…

Then keep reading.

Here's the problem...


You know that in order to step into your true life’s purpose, you’re going to need to confidently uncover, and own it…

But you’re constantly second-guessing yourself and asking questions like:

“Shouldn’t I just be happy with what I have?”
“Where do I even start?”
“What do I do with these systems and tools anyway?”

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Can you imagine?


Imagine making bold decisions about your own life, without worrying what you should do, or what the logical choice might be.

What would that feel like?

  • You would wake up each day feeling energized, and excited to jump into another day in your life.
  • You finally feel like you can show up authentically in every area of your life.
  • You put your needs first, no longer prioritizing others over yourself.
  • Your diary is full of commitments that bring you joy, and empty of those that drain you!
  • You are surrendering to life, relaxing into the moment


If you want to learn how to deeply trust in your purpose, and accept those things you know about yourself as perfect in every way.
We have just what you need…

Introducing Reclamation a 12 week Program to reclaim your unique purpose using Evolutionary Astrology & Human Design

Here’s what's included…

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Watch the video or listen to the audio introduction to the program!

Week by Week Breakdown

Week 1: Inner Voice

Creating space to listen to your inner voice, honor your intuition and connect to your brave, bold self.

In Human Design we'll cover:

- Authority (decision making)

In Evolutionary Astrology we'll cover:

- 4th House (family, family history, psychological foundation)

- 6th House (being in service)

Week 2: Self Love

How you care for yourself and your physical body.

In Human Design we'll cover:

- Sacral (energy) & Heart (self-worth & rest) Centers

- Spleen (fear & instinct)

- Determination (diet)

In Evolutionary Astrology we'll cover:

- 1st House (self-love, taking up space, physical expression)

- 6th House (daily & health routines)

Integration Week

Putting your inner voice & self-love into practice.

Our focus for this programme isn't just about giving you information! It's also about giving you time and space to put these things into practice in your life and to be able to listen to your intuition and to start creating more practices that care and love and nourish your body as you go through the programme. This will avoid the sense of overwhelm that happens so often in group programs.

We very purposefully built in these integration weeks, throughout the programme.

Susan says, "this is very deep work, it can be very challenging work. As you start to move through this and have that awareness, you can kind of shake some things loose, that might kind of rock your world a little bit. And we don't want to be just like, Okay, have fun, figure it out like we are, we will be here as a resource."

Rachael says, "we know, this is really lonely work, or it can be and you can feel very alone. So we've created this programme, to have that safe community space where you're not on social media. It's not just individual messages you can have and we will have these threads where you can share when you feel safe to do so with other people in the community and in the programme as well. And I definitely know like they're some of my biggest kind of breakthrough moments have been when somebody else mentioned something that they were going through or somebody else shared, just even in the particular way that they use, like their words and I've gone that set like that's the bit that I'm struggling with. And I didn't I couldn't have put words to it until somebody else articulated it and shared that perspective."

Susan & Rachael will be available in Slack. You can also book add-on coaching calls during these weeks for extra support if needed.

Week 4: Outer Voice

Beginning to express your brave, bold self in the world.

In Human Design we'll cover:

- Throat (communication)

- Circuitry (wider themes of expression)

In Evolutionary Astrology we'll cover:

- 5th House (self-expression)

- Sun & Leo

Week 5: Relationships

Creating vulnerable, brave & healthy relationship dynamics. Boundaries.

In Human Design we'll cover:

- Solar Plexus (emotions)

- Root center (stress)

- Definition

In Evolutionary Astrology we'll cover:

- 3rd House & Mercury (processing information,)

- 7th House & Venus (intimate relationships)

Week 6: Purpose

Your "great work" in life.

In Human Design we'll cover:

- Personality Sun Gate (your shining energy)

- G Center (identity)

In Evolutionary Astrology we'll cover:

- 10th House (public face, career & vocation)

- Midheaven, North Node & Saturn

2 Week Integration

Sitting in your experience of everything you have learned.

You will have check-ins in Slack

Option to book advanced Midheaven or Gene Keys Purpose reading.

Add-on coaching support available.

Week 9: Deepening Your Purpose

Your "great work" in life.

In Human Design we'll cover:

- Unconscious Sun Gate (your body's purpose)

- Mercury placement (your soul's message)

In Evolutionary Astrology we'll cover:

- Jupiter (your place of expansion)

- 12th House (letting things flow)

2 Week Integration

Allowing the pieces to fall into place.

Rachael says, "by this point, you'll need space to go out and live these things that you know about yourself! To live your purpose, to live your self expression in your relationships. And this is another opportunity to keep allowing those pieces to fall into place. Because the purpose of this programme isn't just that you have information! It's that you leave this 12 weeks, a different person than you entered. The person that you want to be! It's really like shedding those pieces that aren't you and stepping into that person that you know you are like coming home to yourself.

Susan says, "once you start opening and you have this awareness coming through and feeling the shifts and having this understanding, you can't go back! Once you go down this path, you are a different person every single week! You're a different person, you're not the person you were the week before. Every awareness opens you more. And so there may be times when you are feeling because it can be very overwhelming, you could feel a little, like ungrounded because things are shifting. And that's, that's okay, that's part of the process. And again, that's why we're here to support you throughout the entire 12 weeks. But also to know that just because you're feeling that that's normal, and it's not like you're going backwards, because that's impossible. And that's why the integration weeks are so important and that we stay in touch with you and you reach out to us so we can all work through this together because it is big work. But it's just it's so rewarding to be able to work through it and just sit on the other side of it and be like wow, wow!"

Week 12: Boundaries, Reflection & Stepping Boldly into Life

How to continue to make big shifts and continue to reclaim the bravest you!

This week we will create a roadmap for what's to come, what boundaries are needed and how you will continue to honor yourself and your needs.

This will be a space for open reflection and celebration on how far you've come!

Here's what our clients say...


Monique says, "This is WHY I hired you. This entire message shows your dedication to you clients, that you listen, and that you care. It really puts my journey into perspective. I am still seeking my purpose but with your help I am letting that answer unfold, naturally. That is the biggest gift that you have given me; the power of surrender and listening to my GUT. That sacral response is a game-changer."

Gillian says, " I deeply appreciate you. You provided me with so much beautiful advice and support regarding bring a manifestor and my unique design. I finally understand how to use my authority and I’ve been conducting experiments with it. I think the most useful and impactful part you provided about my authority is the idea that it’s not always on.  My heart needs to rest and I need to trust and wait because the answer will come in the moment. Understanding my open centers (especially the solar plexus because I have so many people in my life with a defined one) and embodying and owning the fact that I’m truly here to live my experiences and not (for) anyone else(s) has been so empowering. There was so much more enlightening information, and I’m looking forward to continuing to delve into it and utilize it in my life."

Ellena says, "It's almost like someone is reiterating self knowledge to you in a way that confirms what you perhaps already know but have somehow forgotten. Learning how my chart, the meanings and how they explain our behaviours & personality, has helped me view myself in a more compassionate light and create a deeper understanding of how to honour my needs with authenticity - it's almost like I've been given permission to be who I am! Definitely an eye opening experience, would recommend it to anyone who's interested in deepening their self knowledge!"

Lauren says, "Knowing my Human Design & natal chart has really helped me to understand how I am wired as a person and what I need in order to feel valued. It has increased my self-awareness and given me tools, which are currently helping me to reach my true potential, whilst being my authentic self. Credit to Rachael & Susan for not only their knowledge and enthusiasm, but their ability to deliver it to me in my learning style! Life changing."

What makes Reclamation different?

Well quite simply, There is NOTHING like this out there!


This is the first & the only program of it's kind!

This is the only program that combines the transformational teachings of both Human Design & Evolutionary Astrology into a course that will bring you back home. 

We are not just teaching the systems, we are creating a supportive system for you to step back into the best version of yourself.

Something about coaching here…

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Are you ready to reclaim your purpose?

When you enroll today, you’ll get:

Instant Access to book your personal Human Design & Evolutionary Astrology sessions.

Followed by:

7 x 90 minute live teaching and embodiment calls (value $3,550)

12 weeks of Community Slack access to ask questions to Rachael & Susan and connect with your fellow students (value $2,000)

Embodiment session reflection workbooks (1 pre-course, 1 post-course, 1 for each session) ($249)

An ever expanding library of pre-recorded teaching materials ($2000)

Access to replay of course materials for at least 6 months ($999)


Total Value = over $8,000

Cart Closes In...

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Ready for some epic bonuses?!


In addition to everything inside of Reclamation, we’re also going to throw in a special bonus to give you a kickstart to your journey to reclaiming your power & your purpose!

We're offering 2 Q&A calls as a special bonus. 


1 x 60 minute Human Design Q&A LIVE with Rachael. (value $199)

1 x 60 minue Evolutionary Astrology LIVE Q&A with Susan. (value $199)


Both held in the last week of October.

This program with transform your life!


We have used the combination of this methodology on 1:1 clients and the results have been astounding!

This program takes our client experience and takes you deep into both systems!

We do not offer a money back guarantee. However, if at any point you do not feel like you are receiving what we have promised in this program, reach out, we will do everything we can to resolve your issue.


A note from your coaches!


Nice to meet you! We’re Susan & Rachael!

Two spiritual humans with 2 very different lives but one very powerful purpose!


We’re going to be honest with you, we discovered this powerful combination of systems by accident…

We started as friends, intrigued by each other's modalities. We began to meet every other week, to read each other's charts and learn more about how intricately they were linked. We began to see how powerful these systems can be in combination with each other.

Fast forward a few months and a few clients who graciously dived into this experiment with us, and we created Reclamation!


We did it by accident. But nothing is really ever by accident, is it?


Rachael Ami is a Human Design expert and alignment coach from the UK. She has completed multiple Human Design trainings with renowned experts in the field such as Jes Fields, Teo Montoya and Holly Maree.

Rachael lives and breaths HD, she has seen the incredible changes it has made in her personal life, (and those of her hundreds of clients), and is passionate about changing as many lives as she can.

Rachael is currently studying for her holistic coach certification with Radiant Coaches Academy and is working towards her ACC Credential from the International Coaching Federation.

Retreat Susan

Susan A. Beauregard, MBA, CHC is a Certified Clarity Coach, Evolutionary Astrologer and Soul Coach from the US. 

She has studied Astrology with Allison Chamberlain Jones and Evolutionary Astrology under Tom Jacobs.

She is a Certified Holistic Coach through Radiant Coaches Academy and is waiting to sit for the ACC credential exam through the International Coaching Federation.

She is passionate about Evolutionary Astrology. Your birth chart is your soul’s map for this lifetime. It is a blueprint for the happiest, most fulfilling, and most creative spiritual path of growth available to you.

What will I gain from this experience?

By the end of the 12 weeks you will:

  • Feel empowered to make decisions for yourself
  • Experience increased confidence in doing new things
  • Understand how your intuition speaks to you
  • Feel powerful in your body and your gifts
  • Feel more energized & healthier
  • Focusing on authentic friendships where you can be 100% yourself
  • Always prioritize your needs over others
  • Feel safe letting go of commitments that don’t light you up
  • Be practicing surrendering to life, relaxing into the moment
Is this a self-paced program?

No! This is a 12 week supportive group program with live 1-1 sessions, live group calls and Slack access.


If you cannot attend the group calls live you can watch the replays and ask questions, or join the conversation, in our private community slack channel.

How will this help me feel more confident in myself?

Not only will this program give you the tools you need to connect to and trust your intuition, turn your negatives to neutral and accept yourself more deeply than ever before, it will also provide you with an intimate community of other people on this bold and brave journey. 

These people will become your confidantes and friends to support you living the brilliant and bold life you deserve!

Will this information teach me how to do readings in Human Design/Astrology?

This is not a "reader" training program. This is a program of deep self discovery. If you feel inspired to share this knowledge we suggest you undertake individual research and study after truly living your experience. 

When will the live calls be held?

The call schedule will be finalized once cart closes. This is in order to ensure we cover timezones as best we can.

Calls will be on Thursdays or Fridays and may be held at different times to accommodate student timezones.

Join Reclamation today!

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