A Love Letter from your Human Design

A 700-1000 word Synthesis of  Your Unique Perfection

Your strengths and gifts in this world, written as an affirming love letter to exactly who you already know you are! A beautifully written love letter of permission to show up fully, wholly and beautifully every day. Perfect to read each morning, to send as a gift to someone you love, or frame somewhere you will see it as a reminder of your unique power.

Your love letter is 100% unique to you. This is not a copy and paste of information. This is a synthesis and interweaving of your chart, written for you, by me. With love from your Human Design.


As each synthesis is handwritten to your unique chart please allow 5-7 working days to receive your PDF download.

You will receive 4 print options in your file, 1 and 2 page layouts, with different font choices. You will also receive a 2 page option with each of the "building blocks" of your synthesis in parentheses.

Love Letters

Example with Serif Font - 1 Page Layout

Example with Typewriter Font- 1 Page Layout


Example  - 2 Page Layout

Example - 2 Page Layout with Building Blocks


Thank you so much for this! This is so great!!

I am planning on printing it out and framing it to hang in my office!

- 4/6 Sacral Generator