Human Design IS NOT just another personality test!

In fact, it makes me cringe when I see HD newbies say, “I’ve just taken the test and I’m a…”. It’s not a test. It’s not subjective. There is not a right or wrong answer and it will never change! That is why it’s called a science!

Don’t get me wrong, there are huge lessons to be found in the Myers-Briggs (INFP over here), and I’m a huge fan of the Enneagram (4w3). BUT these systems are personality based, they are just a snapshot of who you are at the time you take them. And thus, they can change. They give you a subjective view of who you are, in the moment you are experiencing.

Human Design is an objective view of who you are, where your energy lies and how to best move through the world everyday and always.

And as other personality typings come and go, Human Design will remain. Because not only does it spotlight who you are, where you feel you are lacking and where you are impacting others, it also provides a framework for deconditioning. Deconditioning from all the things you thought you should be, that you thought you were missing and that you always knew were wrong for you and your life purpose. 

It also allows you to connect deeply to yourself and others. I always say it is a system of energetic autonomy, a science of differentiation. It is deeply grounded in the reality that we are all so beautifully unique. And that, that is exactly who we came here to be. It is saying, “I am me and you are you. And when we are each our divine individual selves we can build a naturally democratic society built upon autonomy.”

The idea that being separate brings us together is complete opposite of the current societal system of being the same brings us together. Because we’re not the same! We never have been.

The current system teaches us to force ourselves into a box that was never made to fit, and more and more people are saying “fuck the box”. And more and more people are finding human design.

A deep Human Design knowledge has the capacity to change the trajectory of our society as we know it.

The more parents live their design and encourage children to live their uniqueness also, the more opportunities we have to fix all the things we, as collective humanity, have broken. Parents can show their Manifesting Generators to quit when their spark of passion has gone out, their Generators to follow their gut, their Manifestors to inform and be leaders, their Projectors to pour energy where they are recognized. 

We can raise a generation that sees rest as required, not earned. That takes their time to make decisions, if that is correct for them.  That says no powerfully but with compassion. That stops trying to be who they are expected, as they are encouraged to be who they truly are.

These other systems are beautiful. They help you look around your life and see where you have mental strengths and where you can be kinder to yourself and others. Human Design helps you to rebuild your life one perfectly aligned decision at a time through trusting your body!

Human Design is the antithesis of capitalism.

It is saying goodbye to making the smart choice, being logical, pushing through, and weighing up the pros and cons. It is removing the idea that you need constant guidance, observation and teaching. Human Design allows you to trust fully in who you are, what you know, what you’ve always known and gives you permission to make decisions, “because I just know.”

It encourages you to be autonomous, in turn inspiring autonomy in others. I know first hand, the more I trust and respect my autonomy, the more I trust and respect autonomy in another.

You get to live in the trust that your path is simultaneously for you and for the collective. That each right decision for you, is serving and supporting the collective. You no longer have to waste time worrying about what others may think, how they might feel or what they might do.

Because doing you is all the collective have ever needed you to do. 

Human Design is radical. It invites you to question everything you ever thought you knew. About yourself, your society, your relationships. It invites you to dive deeply into your experience in this moment. Our current society cannot withstand such incessant, yet harmless questioning, because it does not have any correct answers. Not answers that will sufficiently persuade you to stop your questioning anyway.

Society cannot adequately justify why we work 40 hours a week for 40 years to enjoy our twilight years that may not come. It cannot explain why we still educate children for a life on a factory workline that no longer exists. It cannot explain why we attempt to force everyone into the status quo. The list goes on and on. There is no adequate explanation past, “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. 

So when you stop, return to this moment, notice what is going on, and listen to your body, you notice how uncomfortable it all feels.

And that’s why Human Design is so different, and so transformational! Because there is no going back. If life were a box, personality tests allow you to be more aware of what is happening in your box, how you box came to be this shape, size, which tears and bumps it acquired on the ride. Human Design invites you to scrap the box. Break yourself out of it. Burn it to ashes if that feels good.

You can’t get back into a box you destroyed. You can’t unsee all the things you now see about the world when you dive into your Human Design.

Unlike traditional therapy or cognitive techniques that have a right or wrong way to practice, Human Design is the great autonomous experiment. Experimenting through your life with some pointers and guidelines based upon your energy. But it will always be an individual experiment. My life as an emotional ⅖ Manifestor will be extremely different to any other ⅖ Manifestors out there, because I am different. 

But once you begin to experiment with following your body, once you begin to notice how out of sync and how uncomfortable certain people, situations or decisions make you feel, you can’t undo that. There is only moving forward without the box.

Human Design isn’t the “next big thing” or a trend that will pass. It is a beacon of hope for every person who has ever looked around their life and thought, “surely, there is more to life than this?”

It is a trail of breadcrumbs for every person who feels lost, confused, underappreciated and alone.

It is a crack of light for every person who craves deep love and support but doesn’t know how to create it for themselves.

Mostly, it is a huge permission slip to be exactly who you are, and be celebrated by a community who will never ask you to be any different.

- Rachael Ami

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